Securing Freedom & Keeping Families Together!

BIG's Immigrant Liberation Bond Fund aims to secure the release of detained immigrants who cannot afford to post bond. Posting bond allows immigrants to reunite with their families and communities. It also grants them more time to find adequate legal representation for their deportation proceedings. Please join us today in helping someone win their freedom!

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Quick facts about immigration detention:

Legal Access

Individuals who are currently incarcerated in immigration detention often face extreme difficulty in securing proper legal counsel. Represented immigrants who are bonded out are 8x more likely to win their case than unrepresented detainees.

Immigration Bond

Immigration bonds, if offered, range from $1,500 to $250,000. The median immigration bond set by the San Francisco immigration court in 2018 was $14,000.

Reuniting Families and Communities

Immigrants who are unable to afford their bond can spend days, months, or even years incarcerated in detention awaiting their court date. Securing their release allows for immigrants to reunite with their families and communities while awaiting trial.